Hola y bienvenido! to my blog Dulce vida verde – my sweet green kitchen! Very happy that you found me.

I always remember being into baking and preparing food since I was a little child. There is something special and magical about preparing delicious things. I love to eat. Always have, always will. And it is even more fun if you eat something that is made by your own two hands.

With my blog Dulce vida verde I want to share the recipes that I created myself or that I know for a long time to give you an insight into my kitchen and what I like to bake or cook. Since I am getting an adult (although I don’t feel like one) I changed the way I eat and cook. I really try to be very conscious about the things I use for my recipes in my daily life.

About 10 years ago I started to make a big change in the way I eat and cook. Before that time I never really cared about what was “inside” the things I ate. That’s different now. I try to buy as local and seasonal ingredients as possible. To make sure there was no suffering for any kind of being. For 5 years now I am vegetarian. Whenever I can I try to eat vegan, too. But most important for me has become a healthy way of living.

I am lucky to be born into a creative family. So I always had something bubbling in me. Something creative that needed to be set free. In my childhood I really loved to paint in a lot of different ways. I tried almost everything to express my artistic side. Luckily I discovered photography. Especially capturing food caught my inner passion. Although I recognize that I am also very much into photographing nature or whatever is sourrounding me that my eyes think is beautiful. Throughout the photography I take from my recipes or other beautiful things I am able to embody my creativity.

There is so much to discover and explore. And I feel like I havn’t even started yet. The best is yet to come.

After I finished a fashion design school in Trier I left my hometown (again) to live on the Island of my dreams, Mallorca. I fell in love with that Mediterranean Island the first time I landed there. For me Mallorca has it all. Beautiful beaches, romantic little towns, stunning nature and landscape. Not to forget Palma, Mallorcas capital city! For me one of the most beautiful cities. I could go on forever. But I think you should find out for yourself or join me here to get Insider Tips from time to time. Currently I am working in a hotel at the reception to earn a living. Whenever I can I am working for Dulce vida verde hoping that one day I am able to do what I love full-time.

Those who know me already, know that I lived on Mallorca for quite a while. Since that time I am really into the mediterranean way of living. I adore the food, the culture and the people. You soon will notice that passion in my stories and recipes.

So if you want to join my journey of life through my food habits and creations you are more than welcome to visit my blog any time! Also notice that I am going to share from time to time useful information and photography of my desired Island Mallorca.

Everyone has the power within themselves to make the world into a better place! Even if it is just a little. My challenge is to be always the best version of myself. What is yours?


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